Devastating effect of paedophile’s sick actions

One of ex-school teacher Joseph Kinnear’s victims was my wife.

During my marriage, unknowingly, I witnessed the slow, inward torture and breakdown of a lovely, innocent, young woman, who held a terrible secret of abuse at the hands of a seemingly trustworthy school teacher.

This was a major contributory factor in the break-up of our marriage and family life, but only a small part of the overall wreckage that Kinnear has left in his wake.

This week, the previously-convicted paedophile Joseph Kinnear has been found guilty of a further nine sexual offences against children.

Now, for the second time, 12 people have returned guilty verdicts against this man.

Surely now the truth that Kinnear is a doubly-convicted, serial paedophile, will at last register in the minds of those doubters, who have acted so negatively towards my ex-wife and family over the last few years.

The distress of what she had to live with was compounded by the actions of a few very foolish, misguided people.

Why would anyone support a paedophile?

My ex-wife has shown considerable bravery in coming forward, but this has been extremely traumatic for her.

I would like to thank all who were brave enough to appear in court and help put this man behind bars. I wonder how many other victims and witnesses have been afraid to come forward especially when this paedophile mockingly returned to live among his victims?

Personally, I have nothing but contempt for paedophiles and anyone who supports them, especially when in Kinnear’s case 24 objective people in two separate trials returned guilty verdicts against him on a total of 22 offences.

By not admitting his guilt, Kinnear has publicly caused further torment to victims and witnesses by dragging them through the courts and has never shown the slightest sign of remorse.

I believe he is a serial pervert, a danger to children, and should be locked away for a very long time.

Name and address withheld for legal reasons