Dangers at store site

I wish to make a few points and reiterate my personal concerns about the potential dangers at the site of the proposed Aldi store in Alnwick.

Firstly, if your newspaper had not published the cricket club venue [for the exhibition] I doubt if anyone would have been aware of it or of an Aldi store being built or of its proposed existence. Also, having a week in which to state any concerns seems to be a very short window of opportunity for this major works programme.

Any changes to the existing entrance to the proposed site on South Road has not been considered, nor for the need for a safe area within the road continuity.

The area concerned is on the rise of a hill which means currently traffic approaching the entrance does not see the traffic attempting to get out of the site until they are immediately upon them and in particular those trying to do a right-hand turn towards the A1.

I daily watch vehicles dangerously attempting to exit the site.

I am convinced that without a roundabout at the entrance this will be an accident waiting to happen with potentially fatal consequences.

I wonder if the lack of a roundabout is a financial consideration rather than considering what the actual safety requirements should be, heaven forbid that it will cost a number of lives before the correct actions are taken.

Also, I believe the extra traffic at the junction will impede the fire services gaining access to the A1.

Further consideration must be given to a pelican crossing for pedestrian access to and from the other side of the road.

I watch pedestrians dicing with death every day while attempting to cross the road at this point.

I would assume the site will attract more bus travellers than are currently getting on and off buses in the area stated, ensuring potential disaster.

Though there is a 30mph speed limit on South Road, the road users rarely adhere to it.

I think more traffic equates to more speed, leading to more danger on the road.

There will also be more trucks delivering to the site causing even more vibration for us to endure.

I assume the wine store will be open late at night and the fact that Aldi will be replenished overnight will ensure we will experience more noise and traffic than is usual as currently the businesses on the site finish at normal tea-time times.

I am unconvinced that any of the current stores or of Aldi offering lower prices for goods in Alnwick than we are currently being charged.

There is absolutely no consideration been given to any impact that the site would have on the value of our property.

Terry Fisher,

Gas Works Cottages,

South Road,