CYCLING: Addressing road hazards

A cycle track
A cycle track

It was very interesting to read (Gazette, December 25) that Northumberland County Council is instigating a ‘cycling plan’ that incorporates walking routes to ‘improve the health of the people and enhance the environment by minimising car usage’.

Can I suggest they seriously consider the two-mile stretch from Shilbottle to Alnwick as a cycleway priority?

I often take this route on foot and I am forced to walk along the edge of a muddy field before stepping onto the Tarmac. On the road, when I hear or see oncoming traffic, I frequently have to scramble up a grass verge – if there is one!

Cycling to and from Alnwick is also hazardous as the surface is pitted and uneven and the several climbs can slow cyclists down, often to the impatience of drivers. With the new school opening at Willowburn, surely the creation of a safe route would encourage youngsters to cycle to school and meet the ‘healthy’ targets of the council’s consultation document.

Shilbottle has a population of 1,500 and as a retired resident, I know I am not alone in preferring to leave my car in the garage. The A1 dualling seems to be at the forefront of the politicians’ campaigns, but perhaps we should prioritise the needs of our local community.

Andrew Griffin,