Current parking permit is already too expensive and unfair

I WOULD like to remind Northumberland County Council there has been an annual parking permit for local ratepayers since parking charges came in.

I introduced this at the time on Alnwick District Council and it was set at a charge of £5 to cover costs.

As I pointed out at the time, the locals already paid rates.

Since then, gradually, the council saw this arrangement as a money-raiser and now it costs more than £100 to residents.

People over 65 can get a concession but it is still £85 per annum to us.

There is no need to put in another charge arrangement with limited hours or are the councillors proposing to limit us to an early or late time, which could be very inhibiting to the elderly.

They are not offering us, the ratepayers, anything new but they still leave the unfair help of free parking given to people in south east Northumberland.

It is time the rural ratepayers collectively grouped themselves together as we did under the flag of the Rate Payers Association in the ’60s when we won the county council and held it against political parties until the 1980s under the leadership of Lord Ridley of Blagdon.

Anne Wrangham,

By email