Credit where it’s due

Having had a lot of election literature recently, I noticed that the Lib Dems, Julie Pörksen and Angelika Schneider have led the campaign to dual the A1.

What a load of tosh, they have only been around five minutes, there is only one name that is associated to dualling the A1 and it is Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

I have to ask where are the photos of Ms Pörksen and Ms Schneider in the press over the years of their campaigning?

Before Sir Alan Beith chimes in, some facts for your readers.

The A1 is approximately 410 miles long, only about 44 miles are not dualled of which 37 miles are in his constituency.

The A1 runs through dozens of constituencies who have had many MPs from different parties over the last 40 years.

The difference between them and Sir Alan Beith is that they have done something about getting the A1 in their patch dualled, whereas Beith has done absolutely nothing, but because they are on the election trail they now want to claim the kudos for the hard work Ms Trevelyan has been putting in.

I am all in agreement for claiming credit where it is due, but this is not yours.

Eileen Williams,

West Court,