COUNTY HALL: Put an order on building

How on earth can a local councillor suggest that County Hall at Morpeth is unfit for the present work?

It was late in 1978 that I led a movement not to buy the tower in the middle of Newcastle as a cheap option for Northumberland, but we voted for a new building in Morpeth as the centre of the county.

Mrs Cairns may be surprised to learn we were already building for green reasons on saving energy. The new County Hall was not completed until 1985 or 1986 so it is just 30 years old.

It was built to be heat-proofed, with appropriate walls and roof, and also with solar heating, hence the green roof the building has.

If Northumberland County Council does move, then the building should have a historic order for the future on it as a particularly interesting 20th century building for its purpose.

I feel that the Labour Party is using a political decision to base the centre in the Ashington district – a motion it lost in 1979.

As it is, I feel that soon, with the loss of services in north Northumberland, the only thing me and my compatriots in the north will get from our rates is the highly expensive administrators earning sums no one in the old districts of Alnwick and Berwick match.

As a ratepayer I object to the executive changing my County Hall.

Anne Wrangham,