COUNTY HALL: A perfectly good building

Is there anyone else in Northumberland who, like me, is sick to death about Grant Davey continually harping on about how the Conservative Government is responsible for what Northumberland’s Labour-controlled council is having to do?

Last time I looked it was the current administration who are responsible for the decisions which have blighted the area, particularly Morpeth.

How can anyone take seriously someone who advocates demolishing a perfectly good building, ie County Hall/The Willows?

He obviously thought that by showing the leaking roof at County Hall on a website it would add to the argument that it should be pulled down.

Well, my view is that I see a council which has failed to keep the building in good order.

The best way to get any building demolished is to let it get into such a poor state of repair by having no system of planned maintenance and then claim that the repairs are prohibitive. Shame on all of you.

The icing on this cake would of course be if the contract to build the new county hall was awarded to Arch.

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