COUNCIL TAX: We feel penalised

Picture: PA Wire
Picture: PA Wire

Please can anyone in Northumberland County Council tell me why people who are struggling to pay their council tax bill every month, but pay it anyway in full, but only three weeks late (not all the time, I have only paid it late three times), have to be penalised, which makes it worse for us as we are struggling to pay it.

I could understand it if we were late by a few months, but, as I say, we pay it in full for that month.

We are now up to date but still get penalised.

The website tells us that they help people who are having difficulties – no they don’t, as they did not help us.

It is very unfair.

We were told by the council and I quote: “Your rent or mortgage is the first to pay, then the second most important is your council tax.”

Do they not realise that we have to pay for oil to heat the house, that comes before the council tax.

What do we get, exactly, for paying all the money to the council? Most people hate paying this high bill.

If people are on a low wage, it should be less. We are not entitled to council-tax benefits as my husband earns too much – 40 hours a week, just over minimum wage, work it out. Unbelievable.

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