COUNCIL: Meeting was ‘hijacked’

Scarcely have we witnessed such venom as was on display at Rothbury Parish Council meeting on the evening of Wednesday, September 9, and that by a group of people from Berwick.

Whoever they are, they, and whatever they represent, have nothing whatsoever to do with Rothbury and undermined the painstaking, conscientious and dedicated work of our parish councillors, who give freely of their time to serve the local community.

We sat in shocked disbelief as they hijacked our meeting, denying us the opportunity to discuss what was on the agenda.

These people seem obsessed with the letter of the law, but see fit to ride roughshod over the spirit of what our parish councils are here to do. They trampled over the sensitivities of our decent, hard-working, dedicated councillors, who are in office because we voted for them.

It was a disgrace. We are in urgent need of finding a legal mechanism to prevent this kind of thing happening again.

Clive and Joan Wilkinson,

Silverton Lane,