Council has an obligation

With regard to the letter in the Gazette, July 24, from Liz Lilley of Cramlington in relation to the issue of the young man camping out in Recreation Field, Felton.

Unfortunately the full history behind this situation was not reported in the Gazette.

There has been a considerable amount of help given to this 20-year-old over the years from family and friends who still live in the village.

The parish council could not allow this young man to camp on the recreation field, because it is used by children of all ages and especially as there were issues in relation to health grounds due to the waste and materials left by this young man.

The parish council can confirm that he is still receiving support from relatives and external organisations and at no point did the parish council show lack of empathy, respect and care to this young man.

This is not a case of ‘nimby’ as stated by Ms Lilley; the parish council has a legal obligation to protect all those who use the recreation field, hence the requirement to seek to help find him alternative accommodation was instigated.

Felton Parish Council