Convent: Sorrow at closure news

It is with great nostalgia and a certain amount of regret and sorrow that I read of the impending closure of St Mary’s Convent (Northumberland Gazette, June 18).

I also recognise that change is inevitable.

I was sent to the RC school, which I recollect was in Lisburn Street, in the mid-late 1930s to prepare for first Holy Communion and formal entrance into the church. For this I was excellently prepared by Sister Mary Peter and Sister Bernard.

It was obligatory to attend Mass on Sunday and all pupils sat in the front under the eagle eyes of the duty nuns. Anyone missing was called to account at Monday assembly.

I believe that my attendance at the school benefited me immensely in later life. It is with great sorrow, I accept this change.

For anyone who may remembers me, I boarded with my Aunt Anne and Uncle Andy Anderson, who lived in Clayport Gardens, Alnwick.

Willie Farrell,