CONVENT: Closure is a crying shame

I would like to thank the Northumberland Gazette for all the help it gave us in trying to keep Alnwick Convent open.

Alas, our old convent will be no more. What a crying shame.

So many people wrote to the convent, signed the petition and stopped me on the street to say how they supported the nuns.

Gazette reporter James Willoughby was marvellous, not writing anything to hurt anyone’s feelings and just being a stalwart for the cause. Good luck in life, James.

No more Sister Brigid popping around the town, visiting the sick and talking to all, and calling in for a lift home when necessary.

No more Sister Aidan, whose legs are not too good, but brain is as bright as a button, inquiring about everyone and getting great pleasure out of those who do well.

No more Sister Catherine, working quietly in the background, making sure the shopping was done, and many other jobs.

Sister Teresa has had the task of running the Convent for the last six years.

Do not forget these are educated ladies who went to the top in the teaching professions.

People have supported the cause wonderfully. My dream of a knight in armour appearing and saving the Convent from closing did not happen.

Please pray for our old nuns.

Margaret Givens,

Bondgate Without,