Concert review was offensive

You published a review of the Jerry Lee Lewis concert at Alnwick Playhouse written by Colin Heathcote.

Quote: ‘By the end of this highly-energetic set, which had the essentially arthritic bus-passers and youngsters in their 50s wheezing,creaking and shouting in delight...’

I do not find this funny and consider it ageist and gratuitously offensive, if similar comments had been made about gays, Jews or black people all hell would have been let loose.

I would appreciate it if you and Mr Heathcote make a public apology to accompany the publication of this letter.

John Bird,

Mariners View, Amble

RESPONSE: As one of the wheezing, croaking, shouting, arthritic bus-passers at the gig, my review was based on personal observations of the show and the audience. It was great to see people who had cut their rock’n’roll teeth on the music of Jerry Lee Lewis having such a terrific time as the talented Billy Geraghty gave his all.

Colin Heathcote

RESPONSE: As another wheezing, croaking, almost-50-year-old, I too did not take offence and I hope and believe that the vast majority of our readers took the review in the light-hearted manner in which it was intended.

Paul Larkin, Editor