Complacency will destroy heritage

IN response to Alan Castle’s comment in the Gazette of November 17.

Mr Castle makes great play on the amount of long letters received concerning the current Beadnell dispute.

His closing sentiments reflect a weary boredom with the whole sorry saga.

Believe me Mr Castle, if you are fed up with reading about Beadnell, just think about me and my ilk: We have to write this stuff.

In his rather brief and shallow appraisal of the situation, Mr Castle misses the entire point of this controversy.

It is not about the building of three houses or five or six or how many the developers decide to go for.

Neither is it about an ‘incinerator’ or any other undesirable construction that may or may not be on the table and that he casually throws into the mix.

It is far more serious than any of that.

The reason that the Beadnell situation is being taken so seriously by so many people is simply because this is a battle to save the very asset that Northumberland puts at the very heart of its core values – the glorious coastline which is hailed the world over for its heritage and its breathtaking beauty.

The Beadnell shore is a microcosm of the whole Northumberland coastline which, as we all know, is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There is nothing more certain to condemn or degrade anything of worth than a complacent attitude to it.

If Mr Castle is indifferent to what happens to the Northumberland coast, then that is his business. No doubt there are others like him. But there are those of us who wish to do all we can not only to conserve our heritage and our beautiful natural areas but to actually celebrate and enhance them for residents and visitors alike.

The Northumberland coast is dependent on tourism for its very livelihood. This will become more acute as the years roll by.

Where is the sense in destroying the very asset that is attractive about this place? If we are not careful, Northumbrians are in danger of cutting their noses off to spite their faces.

No, Mr Castle, this dispute is not about building houses. It is about the creeping destruction, for private profit, of heritage coastline that Northumbrians lose at their peril.

Jim Norris,

Save Beadnell Association