COMMISSIONER: Taking vote for granted?

I opened a letter from Northumberland County Council today, which said my postal vote would arrive on April 16.

Now I knew there was no election for the county council this year, and the referendum is not until June, so what was this about?

Well, it seems there is an election for the Police and Crime Cmmissioner.

We elected this post for the first time three years ago, but has anyone been told this is the year for a repeat?

I have no idea who the candidates are, and no memory of who was elected before.

Are the political parties so sure we will vote just for the party we are members of? Indeed, are we a member of any of the national lot? I don’t think so.

I only vote for people who I think can do the job, so this will be a vote I shall probably miss.

I am a member of Britain and I have been here for 82 years and always voted, but I don’t like being taken for granted.

Anne Wrangham,