Coastguard deserves more

I AM a very concerned that the fantastic service the volunteers of the Coastguard Rescue service provide may be effected by the lack of a new station.

I have seen the buildings they currently operate from, they are old and I am sure there will be damp and not in the best state of repairs, I understand they do not even have toilet facilities, having to use the public toilets, if they are open. Should they not be able to have the basic facilities?

Having read your article I cannot understand the point made by the land agent, he states: “Northern Powergrid had failed to offer any compensation for the disruption the land-holders would experience.”

However, Northern Powergrid stated. “Unfortunately, we have been unable to obtain agreement from third parties involved in the proposal under our normal terms and conditions.”

So they have offered the land agent a package.

I am sure Northern Powergrid, whom I assume do line moving and deal with a large number of land agents on a regular basis have a competitive compensation package on offer within their normal, terms and conditions.

Is this a case of the land agent in question asking for an unreasonable offer?

In the article the coastal safety manager mentions the planning permission has been given. I am assuming that plans have been drawn for the building, environmental and land surveys have been completed, all of which I am certain will have cost a great deal of money.

I have looked into the Maritime Coastguard Agency and have noticed they are part of the Department for Transport, a government agency, meaning that the money spent by them will have been taxpayer’s cash.

I would like to finish by saying I think that the volunteers of the Coastguard rescue service will always be needed, so please for the safety and the environment of the coastline please forget the pounds and think of the safety of everyone along the coast.

Thank you to all the volunteers who give up their time in often very dangerous situations.

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