Coal mines more harmful

Middlemoor wind farm, just north of Alnwick.
Middlemoor wind farm, just north of Alnwick.

Interesting to see your report in the Gazette of Viscount Ridley’s views on the impact of wind turbines on the Northumberland landscape.

Can he possibly be related to the Viscount Ridley whose land around Blagdon is being devastated by open-cast coal mining?

If so, he appears to be much less sensitive to visual damage being done to those parts of the landscape he owns.

Ironically, we read of Lord Ridley’s views at the same time as the horrifying news of the Philipines typhoon disaster.

The consensus among climate scientists is that we must expect many more of these extreme weather events in the future as the world’s climate continues to warm and that greenhouse gases released by burning fossil fuels like coal are the major cause of this warming.

So it would seem that Lord Ridley’s coal-mining activities may be damaging on a much wider scale than just their immediate visual effects on the Northumberland landscape; certainly much worse than anything caused by the presence of the wind turbines on the hills round Wandylaw.

Dr WF Bourne,

Bridge End,