CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Praise for fabulous display

Bamburgh Christmas Lights 2014
Bamburgh Christmas Lights 2014

I write on behalf of the Bamburgh Christmas lights committee to thank the many volunteers who have done so much over the year to ensure another fabulous display of Christmas lights in the Grove. It is this community’s generosity and involvement that makes village events such as this a great success every year.

Watch a video of the Bamburgh Lights switch-on.

Thanks are due to Charles Baker-Cresswell for granting permission to use the barn at Bamburgh Hall for the summer fairs.

The great turn-outs ensure that the hard work of the host of volunteers make a glorious day successful. The money raised at the summer fairs has been turned into a wonderful display yet again this year.

I would like to express our great appreciation to The Reverend Canon Brian Hurst, the Bamburgh Bell Ringers, and St Mary’s Belford Middle School Orchestra for a marvellous Carol Service.

Also, our thanks to the local children who carry the baby Jesus to the blessing of the Nativity scene.

To AJK Thompson’s garage who every year transports the Christmas tree here. To Douglas and Peter Clark who allow us to use their electricity and pinch Peter’s parking spot for the nativity scene. To Ross McNeil who carved the life size nativity scene. Rosie Barber for the bales of straw around the nativity.

To Francis and William Watson Armstrong and the Castle Estates for the use of the Grove and their support over the years.

They also helped with erection of the lights by supplying the cherry picker.

To the unsung heroes of Allan Newton, Martin Spruce, Alec Nixon, Graham Trotter, John Turnbull and Peter Darling who have developed this area and put up the lights and Christmas tree.

Every year, we ask someone from our community to show our appreciation for all that they quietly do but that makes such a difference and this year, I am proud to thank Harry Lumsden our Village Warden and Robert Thomas.

The strong support of the parish council and the village which makes all the difference and plans are already afoot for next year’s display.

The Christmas lights will be on every evening until January 6. Why not visit Bamburgh and enjoy the lights and appreciate the huge amount of work done by the volunteers.

Angie Darling,

Bamburgh Christmas Lights Committee