Childhood memories tarnished by eyesore

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My name is George Wood, living near Rugby in the Midlands. I was fortunate enough to be born and grow up in a small cottage in the hills of Northumberland, namely Overacres Cottage, Otterburn.

A better place to spend my childhood I cannot imagine.

The cottage, owned by the Duke of Northumberland and rented by my family, has continued to be the home of some members of my family throughout my lifetime and indeed my eldest brother was last to move out of the family home only in the past two years or so. Since then the cottage has apparently stood empty.

I am currently visiting family members in Northumberland and was very much looking forward to revisiting my childhood home and the many happy memories I still cherish.

Sadly, I was totally both astonished and disgusted with what I found. Where once stood a neat and tidy cottage complete with two small fields totalling four acres, there is now a completely dilapidated and overgrown eyesore.

I was brought up to take a pride in our countryside and cannot believe anyone can allow the disfigurement of our countryside in this way.

My understanding is that the property is still in the ownership of the Duke of Northumberland and again cannot believe this is the example he wishes to set.

George T Wood

Yelvertoft Road

Clay Coton