Charity aims to help with costs

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The recent forecasts of colder temperatures across the UK will no doubt bring increased concern to the thousands of people struggling with the costs of heating their homes.

As part of our fuel poverty campaign, the charity Turn2us has been hearing stories from people up and down the country who are struggling to cope with energy bills. This is having a huge impact on their lives.

With the cost of living steadily increasing, people feel like they have no option but to borrow money and cut back on essentials to cover costs. The gap between the cost of people’s bills and what they can afford to pay is growing.

Therefore, this winter we are encouraging anyone in need to see if they can access support to help them close this gap. We have created six steps, using our free tools and information, at to help people maximise their income and manage their energy costs.

Our Freephone helpline is also available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm on 0808 802 2000.

Alison Taylor

Director of Turn2us