Challenge is getting refund

I read your article about the Norse Challenge and the outstanding refunds.

I was one of the competitors who paid to take part in the event and was left disappointed on the day, but I gave the organiser a chance and transferred my place to the rearranged date.

I only found out that the new event was cancelled by reading on Twitter and then found the message on the Norse Challenge website.

When I didn’t receive any information from Mr Turner, I emailed him to ask how and when I would receive my refund, and I received no reply.

I have asked him to send my refund via Paypal, by post, I have even offered to collect my money in person if he would give me an address to collect from.

All of my emails have been ignored.

The message on the website about claiming a refund via Paypal can only apply to anyone who paid within the 45 day Paypal claim limit.

My payment was more than 45 days before the event so I cannot claim.

I asked at my bank and they cannot help because I paid via Paypal, so I am now relying on the organiser sending my refund and I honestly believe that I will not get it.

I think that the organiser has had more than enough time to process the refunds, or at least let people know when they will receive them.

He has shown himself to be extremely unprofessional and incompetent and I hope that he never attempts to organise another event. I would guess there are a lot of people saying the same thing.

The only extreme thing about the event is the incompetence of the organiser and the only challenge is getting your money back.

I hope your article has highlighted the situation of the entrants and prompts the organiser to resolve it.

Stephen Chapman,