Causeway idiots must pay

IN reply to your letters in last week’s Gazette from Heather Lister and Alan Castle, concerning the Holy Island causeway.

I agree with everything these two people have said.

These people know, before they cross, what can happen.

They are not bothered about the risk to life. They are all imbeciles, they should be heavily fined, whatever the cost, to scare them.

It costs thousands of pounds to get the emergency services out to help these idiots, who are just not bothered. They should be ashamed, but people like that are not.

Put up notices saying they will be fined for their rescue. I wouldn’t even put them up for a trial period, this is an ongoing problem. Stop it now.

It is only March and there have been six incidents and how much has it already cost?

Anne Logan,

Woodside Crescent,