Can anyone explain this to me?

AS children we often hear the expression: “Watch out or the bogeyman will get you!” I was never sure who the bogeyman actually was or is.

Now in my eighty-seventh year, I am experiencing some very strange phenomena. Perhaps what I have been seeing is not the bogeyman, but nevertheless some very strange events have been occurring which I just cannot explain.

Each of these bizarre happenings has been occurring while I am lying fully awake on top of my bed.

These highly unusual occurrences began with large black patches appearing in front of my eyes just as I was waking up.

Then I began to hear voices that at times were quite intimidating. I couldn’t make out what the voices were actually saying but on one occasion I did hear ‘The seventeenth’.

I still haven’t been able to work out the significance of those words. The voices were all men’s voices. Then I heard snoring, loud at first but then this transformed in the sounds of gentle snoozing.

Even though I lie on top of the bed, I began to sense the sheets underneath me moving, then the mattress moving as though someone was getting out of bed.

There was one frightening moment when I was physically held down on the bed, unable to move, until eventually I was able to struggle free.

I will say again that all of this weird activity has been taking place while I am fully awake and in complete control of my faculties.

In their latest incarnation, the black patches now gradually move towards me and human faces, both men and women, appear within them – I am unable to recognize any of them.

I have also been witness to other strange images that suddenly appear without fanfare and then disappear just as quickly.

When I experience these phenomena, I get shivers up and down my spine.

Can anyone explain why I am party to such incredible and weird occurrences? Is this part of growing old? I am at a loss!

Ray King

by email