Bridge concerns

ON June 15, the new bridges for both pedestrians and traffic opened.

A lot of people were dreading the bridge’s opening beside the existing one, which joins the town to the way out of the town.

I like the new bridge but a lot of people are still worrying about it.

I admit that Rothbury needed a new bridge as the existing one, after the September 2008 floods, had people concerned about its safety.

The new bridge and the junction will be especially tricky for articulated lorries to go round.

Wait until the winter comes with the snow and ice, when it will be tricky to go along the new bridge – that won’t be something to look forward to.

How will ambulances and fire engines get across the bridge as there are traffic lights to wait there?

I can remember, about 2005, that Rothbury had their ambulance service removed from the town despite about, I assume, 2,000 signatures for the ambulance service to be retained in Rothbury.

I wonder how the new bridge system in Rothbury will be running by this time next year.

David Nicholson,

Simonside View,