BREAKDOWN: A pleasant kind of a disaster

Late one afternoon last week, whilst on holiday in stunning Northumberland, we visited Sunnyhills farm shop in Belford.

It looked like rain so I went to put the roof up on my convertible, which got stuck in the open position.

Feeling a little foolish, I tried to comprehend the manual without success and decided to call the breakdown service. Thankfully the shop had wifi or I would have been really stuck.

It then started to rain, get very cold and our dogs were getting vocal about their lack of food, which was locked inaccessibly in the boot.

But the staff at Sunnyhills were brilliant. They brought out coffees and umbrellas for us and sausages for the dogs. They were so very kind and thoughtful. And the RAC breakdown service arrived within 10 minutes with a charming and efficient mechanic Neil Williams, who had the roof back in position without delay.

So what could have been a frustrating and very damp experience turned out be almost pleasant thanks to the thoughtful and helpful staff at Sunny Hill and the RAC.

Peter and Jill Walker,