Bloody chaos for donors

The blood transfusion van in Alnwick Market Place.
The blood transfusion van in Alnwick Market Place.

And so the farce that is the chaotic parking in the Market Place continues.

But as plans fade and deadlines pass, it is no longer just a matter of sceptical comment and shoulder-shrugging.

On Tuesday, I was turned away from the Northumberland Hall where I went to give blood.The Blood Transfusion Service could not get their vehicles into the Market Place to unload their equipment

Transfusion staff stood idle; vital blood was not gathered and good-intentioned people were turned away. It was not even possible to make alternative appointments because computer equipment was inaccessible.

This is scandalous.

And what about access for emergency vehicles should there be a fire or accident?

There is no further excuse for delay.

Our elected representatives at town and county level need to cut through the dead-hand of bureaucracy and implement a common-sense solution that will provide access for traders, limit parking, while safeguarding the aesthetics of the ancient Market Place.

Is it really so difficult?

Bill McDonald

Percy Terrace, Alnwick