Blame the system as a whole

RE: Sharon Shoesmith’s dismissal in the Baby P case.

I listened to John Humphreys on Radio Four speaking to Sharon Shoesmith, who mentioned she was brought to her job to stop cruelty to children.

Because she failed, he felt she should have decided to resign and I agree.

Her sacking by Ed Balls had a smell of playing to the gallery linked to it, but she is back enjoying some success regarding her sacking and she may also enjoy a substantial cash pay-out.

Although I agreed with Mr Humphreys’ opinions, it may sound like rather a contradiction in terms to say I don’t believe total guilt is hers to bear alone.

The command structure is to blame, because she is dealing with carers of dubious intelligence who are in contact daily with very clever and cruel people.

A suspect address should be given to whoever is in command and this person should check and give a second opinion. Hopefully, this may save a child’s life and may save her, or his, job also.

Carers pose all sorts of problems and not least in old people’s homes.

Because of the distasteful tasks included in such a job, there are so many infirm and elderly people lying in total discomfort.

Common sense dictates any change is not yet on the horizon because carers of the ‘Mother Teresa’ standard are difficult to interview because of their absence.

Stan Thompson

Denwick View

West Acres