Blame deed, not breed

I write with reference to your story in last week’s Gazette about the mauling of the sheep.

While I strongly agree with the farmer and all that you say about this terrible incident, I do however disagree with the fact you name the dogs as rottweilers in the opening few words of the story.

Had the attack been carried out by a Labrador or such like, you would have opened the story by changing the word rottweilers to dogs.

The rottweiler, along with other breeds like German shepherds and dobermans, have a bad enough time with bad press due to irresponsible owners, without you drawing attention to it in the way you did.

I have owned rottweilers for the last 30 years and I have never had one ‘bad’ one. They are the most loyal and intelligent dog you are likely to find and the most loving.

Any breed of dog can be made to be vicious by irresponsible owners. It is just unfortunate that certain breeds of dog attract these irresponsible owners and people then blame the breed.

I know its an old cliche but, blame the deed, not the breed.

It should also be noted that the most common dog bite treated in UK hospitals, is of that of the Labrador.

Shaun Robinson,

Rock Lodge,

Charlton Mires