Bizarre system

I AM fundamentally opposed to the AV voting system on which we will have a referendum in May.

Most current winners of elections will be unchanged if the new system is introduced but, in particular, I strongly object to the possibility that the winner of the initial count falls because of the second choices of the candidate who comes last.

It seems weird that the most popular candidate does not win.

I urge all your readers to vote no in the referendum on May 5. This referendum is extremely important.

l As I write, the news has emerged that all Scottish NHS prescription charges have been elliminated just at the time when English prescription charges have been increased.

I realise that most English NHS prescriptions (90 per cent I’m told) are free but with Scottish students not paying tuition fees and all older people having free social care in Scotland, the case for the English to determine their own priorities gets a boost.

Should Scottish MPs have any rights over the determination of English affairs when our own MPs have no ability to affect some Scottish situations?

l AT last, I was able to visit the Alnwick Garden again last Sunday Morning.

I had a coffee in the Pavillion and read my paper. The first time since it closed last autumn. Real coffee in a proper cup. Absolute bliss. I’ve missed this experience. I look forward to resuming my normal routine for the rest of the summer.

Ray Farnsworth, Freelands, Alnwick