Birds not to blame

I SEE the beautiful trees in Rothbury are under attack again and not only rooks, but doves, jackdaws and crows are the villains of the piece. All this on account of two emails from the public.

Birds are not vermin, they are part of our countryside environment and the suggestions of bird flu, SARS and others are ridiculous.

If they carry the Toxicara worm associated with dogs (and cats) you may as well go the whole hog and ban dogs from the village. How ever did we survive with all this going on?

Pollarding the trees would look unsightly to say the least and I can not believe two people agreed they should be cut down to the ground.

Thank goodness for the opinion of Coun Jeff Reynalds, long may he reign!

Leave the trees alone, there are more important things to do in Rothbury.

Incredulous of Thropton

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