Bin men deserve praise

AS I read in the national press of the problems of refuse collection in many parts of the country, I reflect on how very fortunate we are in Alnwick.

Our bin men have constantly stood out as cheerful and willing, always happy to help those who perhaps have forgotten to put the bin out, never ignoring bins that may be marginally over-full and happily picking up those extra bits that don’t quite fit in.

But in the recent bad weather, they really excelled themselves.

Despite our estate road being extremely difficult to negotiate in the snow, they somehow managed and at no time did we suffer a serious backlog of rubbish.

And then, at other times, these same bin men were busy with shovels clearing the pavements in town.

Taken with the equally helpful and courteous workers at the recycling facility, it really does add to the quality of life here and I feel they deserve a heartfelt vote of thanks from all those they serve so well.

David Hurrell,

Springfield Park, Alnwick