Beware of cold-call ‘deals’

AT a time when many people appear to receive unsolicited telephone calls offering services that you did not know you require I send you this so you can possibly inform you readers.

Today I received a telephone call, which as I am registered with TPS I should not have done, a complaint is on its way to the customer, but I write to inform you of the nature of the call.

This company offers to make a successful claim on your behalf for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance or PPI.

The freely given information is from a company called Tucan Claims, a claims management service. A legitimate business by all accounts, they have a website

The caller mentions the business address as being in Bristol and they do disclose their telephone number by leaving it on your telephone, if you have the 1471 service.

The caller offers to put you through to a ‘litigation officer’ who will deal with your claim,, whereas you are put on hold, not very professional I thought, bearing in mind that I do not wish to make a claim but was only being inquisitive. Solution, replace the handset, only partly successful as they soon call back and thank you for holding.

This is when they turn on the hard sell by making a lot of effort to inform you how ‘legit’ the company is and even referring doubters such as myself to The Ministry of Justice website where, surprise, they are listed as a registered ‘claims management’ organisation.

You can see the figures that they charge for a claim if you access the Tucan Claims website. My caller did not reach the part in the script that mentions charges, or not, before I politely refused to have any dealings with them.

What you are not told is that anyone can make a claim against any financial institution that has miss sold a PPI. And you can do it for free. Advice can be found on The Financial Ombudsman website--- or using these numbers 0300 1239123 or 0800 023 4567. So if you feel you have a claim, then consider your options. For a claim worth £5,000, Tucan charges an initial fee of £249.99 and a backend charge of £500.

Or you can do it for free via Consumer Direct on 0845 4040506.

David Clark,

Church Street,