Beach plagued by poo

HAVING been a visitor to Northumberland from Yorkshire for the last 15 years (now a relocator and homebuyer), I have always both marvelled and rejoiced at the beauty of the county’s beaches, especially that of Bamburgh which I visit often with my Bedlington Terrier.

Having many conversations, as dog walkers do together, it is obvious that almost all are greatly respectful of this beautiful area and the wonderful natural facility it provides both for us and our dogs enjoyment and exercise.

I have learned from some local walkers along the way that great care and respect is taken to pick up ‘poop’ and keep the beach clear of dog ‘do’, so this place is never threatened, and it has always appeared pristine – until this week!

I was disgusted to come across two bags of poo just left on the beach, and two piles of faeces obviously left by large dogs no attempt made to ‘clear’ at the entrance to the beach at The Wyndings.

This shocked me. Let’s hope if the council ever finally ban the beach to dogs, depriving all dog owners of it because of such irresponsible, sickening behaviour, these folk, be they local or visitors, can enjoy the pavement walks just as much – and explain it to their dogs!

Watch your feet Bamburgh!

Mrs J Pearson,

Huddersfield – soon to be a Northumbrian!