Beach disgrace

IT was with growing concern that I read the article in last week’s Gazette regarding the Little Shore in Amble. It is difficult to understand the attitude of Warkworth Harbour Commissioners, who appear to put a limited amount of ecology before the well-being and enjoyment of Amble children. I can remember the Shore from 30 years ago, when it was almost completely sandy, child-friendly, and very popular with families during the summer months (even when the sun wasn’t shining).

Parents could sit beside the small retaining wall and keep an eye on their children playing on the beach. This is no longer the case, as the sharp, spikey grass has been allowed to encroach over a large area and it is now almost impossible to keep an eye on the children playing on the area of sand that is left. The grass also hides large amounts of dog dirt.

Other beaches in Northumberland are kept clean, why not Amble?

Mrs Jillian Foster,

Marine Road, Amble