Beach-clean team did a great job

I WOULD like to thank everyone who came and joined us for the beach clean and litter pick of the Little Shore in Amble on Saturday, April 28 – as usual we had a great morning and the community spirit was good.

It was quite a cold day but once we started working it was okay.

The machine cleared the beach with a capable Les at the wheel, the promenade cleared of weeds and sand by a group of five, the rest of us raked the beach until we had shifted a fair amount of old dried grass and bits.

It certainly was looking great until the high tides and winds came but that’s what living by the sea is like. We will be having another clean-up in the very near future so watch the paper for dates. I would also like to thank the Harbour Master for his help and very appreciated his letter of thanks to us.

Audrey Jones,