Be careful what you wish for

At a time when prospective councillors are busy dangling carrots in front of the electorate, it is a simple choice, we pick the candidate whose ideas align with ours and put our cross in the appropriate box.

Alternatively we vote for the same party as we have always done, it’s British democracy at its best.

However, one thing does concern me, with all these promises of increased budgets for various popular schemes. Just where will the extra cash come from?

Council tax has been frozen at its current level so no extra revenue there.

The present austerity measures already taken by the local authority would suggest that for every gain in one budget another budget will lose.

One loser to date has been the funding for respite care for disabled children, what will be next? Care for the elderly? In return we are promised free parking and the potholes being repaired more quickly.

So before placing your cross on the ballet paper, be very careful what you wish for, sometimes life is about more than the quick fix.

CS Blease,