Battle for seat

It’s common knowledge why Ian Lindley has been expelled from the Lib Dems and Steven Bridgett left in.

Alan Beith MP has decided to stand down at the next General Election and has been replaced by Julie Pörksen.

The Rt Hon gentleman has held on to his seat for all these years through Labour supporters in his constituency voting Liberal to keep the Tories out.

Now that the Labour Party has retaken a huge part of his constituency and run decently close in a number of other wards, Berwick constituency is certainly now a Labour marginal.

Julie Pörksen is not the type of person to attract Labour voters and Anne-Marie Trevelyan has the ultra-right UKIP, a couple of Tory defectors and now Ian Lindley severely shortening her very slim odds.

Labour is playing its cards close to its chest as usual but is expected to field a strong local candidate for this fight and not a trialist for a safe seat. Of course, Alan Beith’s protégé, Steven Bridgett, will be waiting in the wings to try to pick up the pieces in 2019 if people can ever forgive the damage the Liberal quislings have done to Northumberland and the nation.

Kay Robinson,