BAN: Actions better than words

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I write in response to your article ‘Dog ban on beach in bid to stamp out fouling woes’, (Northumberland Gazette, May 12).

I have to take issue, in the strongest possible terms, with the people who criticise the action taken by Warkworth Harbour Commissioners (WHC) in banning dogs from Amble Little Shore, and in particular the “responsible” dog walkers who intend to ignore the ban, obviously believing that two wrongs make a right.

Reading the responses criticising the action you could conclude that there is not a problem.

Having visited most of the wonderful beaches in Northumberland, including Little Shore, on a regular basis over a period of 30 years, I can tell the dog walkers that there is a significant and growing problem with fouling, and in particular, the abominable practice of picking up and depositing the bag at the side of the path/in the dunes.

Although I am not a dog owner myself, I have lost count of the number of black bags I have picked up and disposed of in the proper way, and I do the same with other forms of litter.

Whenever any form of punitive action to address the problem is proposed we get the same response from the responsible dog walkers, “it is not our doing, it is the fault of a small minority”. Is it not time for the responsible majority to stand up and take action?

If you see one of the minority, challenge them. If you see a black bag or a heap of poo, pick it up and dispose of it with your own dog’s waste.

If enough people do that you could get the Little Shore ban rescinded. Actions are better than words.

Gordon Wightman,

Chevington Grove,

Whitley Bay