BAMBURGH PARKING: Please can we have a spot

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For many years Abbeyfield Extra Care residents in Alnwick have enjoyed tours in a minibus on a Tuesday, either up or down the coast or into the Northumberland county beauty spots.

We are very grateful for the NEED buses and our volunteer drivers at present Ed, Bob, Dick and David who give of their time freely.

Destinations in our beautiful county are plentiful for us to reach and enjoy 15 to 30 minutes to admire the view with a cup of tea and perhaps a quiz to tax the brain.

In land over looking the Rothbury golf course, Ingram Valley and Wooler are favourite places with our drivers choosing a variety of routes to get there, not forgetting Druridge Bay. The coast is always popular, whether it’s to see the rough waters in the spring and autumn or the holiday makers on the wonderful beaches in our summer.

The carers of the Alnmouth beach are good to us allowing us a few minutes without charge (incidentally have you noticed how far the tide is going out at present – so much beautiful beach and someone is clearing he rubbish, well done Alan and friends).

Boulmer is also a stop off place for us, thank goodness the parish council is not putting in restrictions to stop us entering the small car park, although the surface does need repair, here again the beach is obviously being cleared by valiant volunteers.

Apart from Easter and Christmas when we go to Heighleygate Garden Centre for presents or such, and our visit to St Paul’s Church for celebrations, our favourite outing is the coast at Bamburgh.

To park for a short time just down from the golf course looking right along the beach with the Bamburgh Castle in all its majesty towering above – wonderful.

However, disappointment our mini-bus has never been able to get into the small car park because of the six-foot barrier. Now as reported in last week’s Gazette the new fencing on the Wynding, Bamburgh has stolen our ‘spot’.

Please Mr Calvert, Bamburgh Castle director can you created a short-stay parking spot for the disabled?

George Stokoe,

Abbeyfield volunteer