Back lanes in a right mess

It is my dismal duty to comment once more, upon the disgraceful state of some of the cobbled back lanes of Alnwick.

With the dark evenings and mornings, there are some dog owners who take advantage of this lack of lighting and encourage their dogs to defecate in the back lanes making it very difficult for local residents to take their wheely-bins to collection points, or otherwise use the lanes.

There is not a lack of willingness of the council to try to do something about this, but merely a complete lack of resources.

The dog warden, note, the singular dog warden, is expected to discourage dog owners from letting their dogs foul the public ways, yet the warden cannot be everywhere at once.

Surely it isn’t impossible to identify a problem area, mount a poor light camera high up on a pole and photograph the culprit ‘in the act’.

Any fines from successful prosecutions, with the evidence obtained by a camera, could be put towards the expense of this exercise.

As it stands, Alnwick, at some time voted the most desirable place to live in Britain, is less than desirable in reality

It could be re-named Alnwick sur la Merde!


Percy Terrace