At last, we have unity!

AT last an issue that can unite all of Beadnell residents.

At the parish council meeting on Wednesday, March 14, it was announced that the only shop in the village was changing hands.

Currently this shop houses the village Post Office under ‘partner service’ agreement.

The new proprietors intend to discontinue this arrangement which will leave the village without this much needed and appreciated facility. The Post Office offers other alternative rural services including a mobile Post Office which would visit at pre-arranged times in the week and a ‘hosted service’.

This latter arrangement would entail offering postal services, from a community building such as a village hall, cafe, or other suitable venue again, on a part time, pre-arranged basis.

It is said that Beadnell is going to lose its full-time post office facilities but this is simply following a trend that, while undesirable, is only too common in rural communities.

For those who feel that losing their Post Office would have a big impact on their lives, the Save Beadnell Association, in common with many others within the village, will do all they can to make any transition from full time to part services go as smoothly as possible.

Jim Norris,

Save Beadnell Association

EDITOR’S COMMENT: According to a letter from the Post Office received by the parish council, services will only be temporarily unavailable.