Artless dodgers

I DO so hope the so-called ‘Arts’ Council has a truly lousy summer.

Are they all prime idiots?

When the time came to go around looking at all the local theatres, they hinted that the Alnwick Playhouse and the NTC should put in a joint application for their very small grant – which nonetheless was a help to both of them – which they did.

What happened?

Well, from next month, their grant has been completely taken away, while at the same time both the Maltings in Berwick and Queens Theatre in Hexham got double their grants.

I believe the Arts Council then said that the Playhouse and NTC should have made separate applications.

Does the left hand really know what the right hand is doing?

Also, have any of them ever been to any performances at all, at either the Playhouse or the NTC?

Is it the aim of these people to stop all theatre (and films) in north Northumberland, or stop people in the outermost reaches, who are unable for whatever reason, to get to the theatre?

Or do they want to stop schools, and therefore the younger generation, from ever becoming interested in theatre?

This is the best small theatre in the country.

Incidentally, being partially disabled myself, will the Arts-less council be confining me to the four walls of my house?

As much as I love my house, I love going on visits to see my ‘Theatre family’.

Please could the Gazette print a picture of everybody who is on the Arts-less Council?

I’d love to see if there actually are any dodderers and dinosaurs among them.

The mantra of this particular bunch seems to be ‘let’s completely ignore north Northumberland’.

Sheena Campbell,

Rannoch Lodge,

St Aidans,


PS: Are there any decent millionaires/esses living in and around Alnwick and District?