Appeal: Funding plea is just begging

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-charity, I just don’t want it rammed down my throat.

The Gazette, whilst doing a great job of reporting the goings-on in the region, seems to be running more and more charity stories, and these charity requests seem to be getting more and more tedious.

The most recent is the couple who are ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ to be asking for money for IVF treatment.

This to me isn’t life-saving, or contributing towards a research paper into treatment and cure. This is an out-and-out cry for money.

I would like an extension on my house as it’s a bit small now – can I set up a justgiving page and ask for some help? I think not.

I have had cancer – fortunately I was lucky enough to beat it – and I raise money privately for cancer charities. I don’t ask my friends for contributions. If I’m going to undertake some fund-raising then I give something back, be it a raffle, disco or tea party.

This method of ‘fund-raising’ is no different to begging on the streets.

I’m sorry if this makes me sound harsh, but come on Gazette, let’s not open the floodgates for any old begging, please. Though if this is the way forward, the Nick Berry Extension Fund should be your next story.

Nick Berry,

Stott Street,