Another turbine

I HAVE just become aware of yet another application for a wind turbine of industrial proportions, this time at Shoreswood.

AMEC, from its report, is very aware that turbines have a profound effect on the landscape and on people’s homes, hence the reason for going out of its way to assess the impact this one turbine will have on every individual property within a 2.3km radius and on settlements up to 10.5km distance. However, the company downplays the development by rating the effect on most properties as slight to negligible.

So ‘landscape and visual impacts are acceptable’. To whom? I suspect only to AMEC and the landowner. This is purely a subjective opinion and therefore an emotive phrase.

To say that, because there are other turbines operational or approved in the area, one more will have little or no cumulative effect is deliberately avoiding the real issue. AMEC implies that, because Barmoor has been approved, one more won’t matter. Just in case AMEC has no mathematicians on its staff, one + one + one + one + ....... will eventually equal hundreds.

So when will Northumberland County Council turn around and:

1 Tell all these turbine developers/speculators that they are wasting their time and money on preparing further applications;

2 That the landscape is already going to be significantly ruined with all existing turbines and approvals;

3 That we value tourism and quality of life over turning large areas of the county into industrial wastelands?

Richard Simmance, Middle Hill Action Gp