An unwanted legacy

I WAS due to complete the following argument (in full below) in opposition to the Beadnell Fisherman’s Society Planning Application at the Planning Committee Meeting last Wednesday night when the Beadnell Haven and White Rock applications were rejected.

A member blamed town planning decisions and recommendations for the disastrous appearance of the layout of buildings at the entrance to Beadnell. Maybe it will be understood now that there is to be no more building to the seaward side of Harbour Road.

“THE proposal to build two or three luxury houses on the seaward side of Harbour Road, while bizarre in itself, attacks a far wider principle than the simple desecration of a small section of Beadnell’s heritage.

No doubt we would all love to live in such an idyllic spot, with the sea lapping at our feet, but most of us are intelligent enough to realise that such pleasures should be reserved, not for single residents, but for the wider community.

We react with horror when we visit such eyesores as Benidorm, or even Whitley Bay, and return to our wild and unspoilt coastal villages with a superior smile. Believe me, Benidorm and Whitley Bay used to look like Beadnell. A house here or there may not seem like much, but once this sort of coastal development is started, it is very difficult to stop.

We already have a village largely given over to holiday letting property, and, whilst it may be thought to have gone a bit far, at least it has been kept away from the shore itself.

I fully appreciate that busy holiday resorts have a role to play in the world. But does our influx of tourists come to north Northumberland for high-rise hotels, nightclubs and branches of McDonald’s? I think that there is already an adequate supply of such palaces of pleasure. 

We offer a gentler scene, and attract different people.

Our area depends on tourists and if, by overdevelopment, we destroy the very thing that brings them here, not only will we cheapen our children’s aesthetic inheritance, we will also leave them with no economic future to compensate them for our short-sighted and foolish decisions.

On this basis, and on behalf of the people for whom Beadnell is so important, I ask you to reject this application.”

Phil Russell,

Address supplied