An over-the-top approach

Officials at Northumberland County Hall have recently prevented Glendale Community Middle School, Wooler, from doing their annual sponsored walk and challenge walks on the grounds of health and safety.

If the County Hall health and safety official concerned changed out of his or her suit, read the official kit list, wore the appropriate clothing and took with them the enthusiasm and team spirit of every Glendale pupil they would surely see the error of their decision.

I have accompanied the school several times on their sponsored walk around Humbleton Hill as a parent helper and have been under no illusion that my child is safe from start to finish. The need for 13 mountain leaders to help them carry out a walk which has been supervised competently for many years seems not only over the top but totally unnecessary.

Are we raising the next generation to have a thirst for a physical challenge? Inspiration and respect for their local environment? More importantly, common sense?

Katherine Renner