We are not all sprightly

Am I alone in having difficulty in recognising the bland, windswept area depicted as a ‘user-friendly shopping street’ for the future of Narrowgate/Bondgate Within?

And just who are the intended users? Sprightly, fit tourists it seems to me.

All the evidence points to an increase in an ageing population and with it, sadly varying degrees of disability.

With no provision for new parking facilities, access has been drastically reduced.

Are we to have park and ride facilities with the opportunity to hire disability scooters?

Where are the much-trumpeted cyclists to park their bikes?

Thought and consideration must be given to those with guide dogs struggling to identify crossings.

Personally, I can only manage to walk very short distances.

Shoppers enjoy the variety of choice at present. Will only cafés and gift shops survive in the future?

Meanwhile, safety for all would be instantly improved by the introduction of a central one-way system at little cost.

Before I have to resort to supermarket or internet shopping, I take comfort from the fact that the likely timescale for any alterations will mean that they will not happen in my lifetime.

Eileen Woodward

Haven Meadows