ALNWICK SHOPS: Variety needed

Alnwick town centre
Alnwick town centre

I agree in part that Alnwick does need to encourage more businesses into the town, for example we have no affordable shoe shops like Stead and Simpson. Clarks is great but not everyone can afford the prices.

We don’t even have a mobile phone store, something every town has.

A children’s clothes shop is needed. An affordable young man’s clothes shop the likes of Burton or similar. We do not need another bar, café or hotel.

The hotels we have are great. We have an abundance of fabulous bed-and-breakfasts.

The Hog’s Head Inn is a lovely place to stay.

I would suggest pedestrianising the main street and turning the Corn Exchange into a small, indoor shopping mall for half-a-dozen small units.

The old mill building could become some kind of college like a catering or IT college on our doorstep.

We do not need to go as far as Morpeth but we really do need to move into the 21st century.

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