Alnwick’s welcome has been special

ANOTHER summer St Cloud State University British Studies Program has come to a close.

And with that comes the close of my fifth program as academic director.

My desk drawers have been emptied, my clothes are packed, grades have been submitted, the summer SCSU program students have returned home, and I follow them tomorrow.

in a couple of weeks, the fall academic director, Professor Tami Spry, and her colleague, Professor Brad Sleeper, will arrive with a new group of students, fresh faces, anxious to enjoy the rich experience they have heard stories of, told by previous St Cloud State British Studies students.

My heart is again filled with the warmth I have experienced in your community.

Over the years, as students come and go, it may be easy for you to forget the impact each of you has on these young people, the faculty and their families.

I cannot leave without pausing to express sincere gratitude for the multitude of ways that you have reached out to us.

You graciously welcome us.

Alnwick community persons have befriended and helped introduce the British culture to our students, organisations have generously accommodated our students’ applied classroom assignments and agencies have accommodated our student volunteers.

This summer’s SCSU British Studies students returned home with a suitcase of fond memories and special places in their hearts for the people of Alnwick.

Roseanna Gaye Ross PhD,

Professor of Communication Studies,

Academic Director,

Summer 2011