Alnwick hall ‘weeds’ are herbs and veg

How delightful of Conservative Alnwick Town councillor Bruce Hewison to describe the planting at Northumberland Hall as a weed-filled mess and a disgrace.

Coun Hewison’s skills in horticulture are clearly so advanced that he is unable to distinguish weeds from herbs and vegetables.

Furthermore, the arrangements were designed, planted and continue to be well-maintained by members of Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth with no funding for plants or labour from the town council or any other organisation. I thought this was the kind of Big Society move which his party approved of. Alnwick in Bloom have praised the planting and the process has been a lot cheaper and longer-lasting (hey, and more nutritious!) than the formal planting which Coun Hewison wants everyone else to do on his behalf.

So, perhaps when we look at the plant and flower arrangements around town, let’s offer a lot of thanks to Alnwick in Bloom, a little thanks to Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth and no thanks at all to Coun Bruce Hewison.

Coun David Farrar,

Alnwick Town Council

In response to Coun Hewison’s letter in last week’s Gazette, about Alnwick’s townscape, we can update on the four flower and vegetable planters in front of the Northumberland Hall.

The planters have been filled with flowers, herbs and vegetables to demonstrate, despite the flooding, that even in a small planting area, a diversity of plants can be grown, including vegetables and herbs, to enjoy and encourage non-gardeners, especially young people, to have a go.

We are grateful to NCC staff who have helped with the watering of the planters and understand that the Alnwick in Bloom inspection team was rather taken with the idea behind the scheme.

Visitors have especially asked about the planters and what Alnwick is doing to become more green. Two families from the Midlands and West Country are returning home to see what they can do locally along similar lines.

If you have yet to see the planters, do stop and look.

Alnwick Friends of the Earth